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ION CLUB Anse La Raie Kitesurfing & Windsurfing in the North of Mauritius

The newest addition for ION CLUB in Mauritius, situated in Anse La Raie which is in the North East of the island in the Sensimar Lagoon Hotel just 15 minutes away from the nightlife and holiday vibes of Grand Bay.

The nearby nightlife is the best on the island with more than 10 nightclubs as well as a large selection of restaurants  and shopping in the nearby malls.

The north of Mauritius is more developed towards tourism and one can find almost everything there.

Just 1 hr and 15 minutes from the airport this beautiful spot offers beginners, freeriders and freestyle kitesurfers and windsurfers the promise of wide open spaces to practice, along with the most amazing scenery you would come to expect from a tropical paradise like Mauritius.

What is Special About Anse La Raie

The lagoon in front of the center stretches 3 kilometres until it reaches the reef that forms a barrier to the open sea and extends up to 20 kilometres down the East coast making it the ideal place to experience some of the best down winders and excursions you could imagine.

Due to the orientation of the coastline the spot is exposed to more wind directions than our other centers in Le Morne with the main wind orientation being side onshore from the right. This multi wind direction gives the spot a higher percentage of ride able days.

Unlike Le Morne the spot in the North does not have the same issue with breaking waves and strong currents making it the ideal playground for those riders who would love to discover the waters of Mauritius and prefer open spaces and flatter conditions.

Coupled with the great open spaces and winds you have the advantage of being able to choose from one of the three hotels we partner with which are part of the Attitude hotel group.

  • Sensimar Lagoon Hotel
  • Zilla Attitude
  • Paradise Cove

As our two centers are situated at Sensimar Lagoon Hotel and in the Bay between the Sensimar Lagoon and the Paradise Cove Hotel we provide a boat pickup and drop off service to our guests so you only need to walk down to the beach in time to hop on our boat to transfer to the action.

Enjoy, Learn, Progress and De Stress in the wide open spaces of Anse La Raie in the North of Mauritius