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Anse La Raie Kitesurfing

Wide Open Spaces, Family Atmosphere, Fun, Freedom, Discovery, Friends and Good Times - all what you need to enjoy your Kitesurfing in Mauritius.

Anse La Raie provides the perfect combination of wind and open spaces ideal for learning Kitesurfing, freeriding, racing and free styling.

The wide lagoon stretching out for 3 kilometres provides the perfect playground where you can find your own space to improve and train your kitesurfing skills.

Your Lesson Experience

Our ION CLUB Kitesurfing Center is located in the best place of the spot, allow you to start directly from the beach with the help of our experienced Team members. The knees deep warm water, sandy ground lagoon, an on shore constant wind blowing all day eight months a year. For people who like more space they can go out  from the little lagoon to the huge space, enjoying the beautiful blue waters and backdrop of Anse La Raie, the open ocean just the other side of the reefs and the Islands such as Coin de Mire, ION CLUB team will keep an eye on you and be available for pickup when you have finished your session. Radios are provided in certain circumstances so you can receive updates from the team or contact them should you need help or see someone else who needs a helping hand out on the water.


During your stay you just have to experience one of our great excursions, we have two to choose from subject to numbers and conditions.

Day Trip to Poste LaFayette

This trip involves starting directly after breakfast, we head off in a car, a short drive away to the nearby spot at Poste La Fayette along with the boat in tow and all the equipment we will need for the day.

Downwind Roches Noir to Bernash Island

This is a full day trip and involves setting off in the morning with boat and equipment in a car for a short trip over to Roches Noir. From Roches Noir we set off on our downwind trip Amber Island where we meet up with the Catamaran. We land in the water and go to the Island by boat where you can enjoy a lunch and drinks in the privacy of the Island and then finish the trip with a catamaran ride back to ION CLUB.

Approximate time to kite downwind 2 hours plus.

As you can see there are plenty of options when you visit Anse La Raie to enjoy a new great experience in Mauritius.

We look forward to seeing you very soon in our kitesurfing paradise in the North of Mauritius.