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Anse La Raie Windsurfing

Fun, Freedom, Escape, Adventure, Discovery, Friends and Good Times

Windsurfing in Mauritius is a special experience regardless of the types of conditions you are looking for and the North of the island at Anse La Raie provides you the opportunity to enjoy one of the best freeride and freestyle spots around.


Compared to the South which over the years has been well published and built a reputation as being one the worlds top spots with a wide range of conditions the North offers a more tranquil setting without the issues of strong currents and wild wave conditions. The North could be compared more towards the flatter water conditions you would find in Dahab in Egypt or Alacati in Turkey.

Ideal for beginners, improving beginners, freerider's and freestylers and a great spot to take advantage of a combination of windsurfing and kitesurfing. The general prevailing wind conditions provide for an ideal launch from the front of the Blumarine hotel blowing side onshore from the right where you can head off out into the far reaching lagoon which offers perfect blasting conditions where you can enjoy the vast uncrowded open spaces of this part of the island. If you are an advanced wave rider the North is probably not the ideal spot for you and you would be happier in the South of the island in our club offering windsurfing at Le Morne however, if you are looking for a place near to some of the best nightlife on Mauritius with a wide range of hotels offered by our partner Attitude where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday, learn and improve your windsurfing in the glorious uncrowded open spaces Anse La Raie has to offer while perhaps also mixing this up with some kitesurfing the North could be the perfect option. To find out more visit out center and spot page.