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ION CLUB Pointe Le Morne

The ION CLUB center situated in the grounds of the former Indian Resort hotel is perfectly placed to give you an unforgettable board riding holiday in Mauritius. Whatever your passion, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing or Stand Up Paddling the ION CLUB Team has a wealth of talent and expertise to share with you.

Of course you would not feel at home on the spot without the usual ION CLUB infrastructure and the center at Le Morne is no exception, with the latest windsurfing equipment from Fanatic and North Sails, kitesurfing equipment from North Kiteboarding, surf equipment from NSP, Bic and Fanatic as well as stand up paddling boards from Mistral.  All this equipment served to you by our experienced and friendly team is backed up with a safety system that is second to none on the spot from the time you register and are placed in the office system to the time you are on the water and covered by our experience boat team.

What is Special About Le Morne ?

There are really very few places in the world that can provide you with such a wide variety of conditions in one spot surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean on one side and a Unesco World Herritage Site on the other, it’s no wonder that over the years this spot has become more and more popular and becoming an annual pilgrimage for passionate windsurfers and kitesurfers the world over.

Picture riding Manawa with rainbows in the spray looking back at an incredibly lush mountainous landscape and you are some way to finding the feeling you have at this incredible spot.

Wind and Waves at Le Morne

The spot enjoys year round wind and waves with the peak between July and December.  Obviously we are not able to control the weather patterns but the Island has the benefit of a South Easterly trade wind which can be accelerated during the winter months by Anti Cyclone weather.

The Spot has a beautiful lagoon which stretches out to meet a range of classic waves suitable for all levels.  As a guest of the center you can enjoy the challenges of Small Reef known as La Prarie locally, and Manawa which is outside the lagoon on the outer reef. Both waves produce different conditions and different challenges and both are very exciting to ride.

The wind is orientated from the left side as you sail out from the beach and orientates perfectly to the waves to give you front side wave riding heaven on most days.

Enjoy, Learn , Progress and De Stress

Windsurfing Rental & Lessons

Alongside the usual high standard rental service which is a signature product of ION CLUB you will find a very experienced team of windsurfing instructors at the Club, both Johnny and Matrix have been teaching all levels of windsurfing from enthusiastic beginners through to budding loopers and advanced freestylers for the past 10 years and not only have a huge armoury of tips and exercises to hand to get you improving fast but big personalities to go with it. More advanced lessons are done in either a very small groups or in a private format and can benefit from video feedback. for full details see our windsurfing instruction section

Kitesurfing Rental, Lessons  & Excursions

High standard rental is not only restricted to our windsurfing division, you can expect  the latest equipment each year from North Kiteboarding, great service and an electronic compressor to help you get ready to go out as fast as possible. Alongside the great rental product we offer you can also expect to find a highly motivated team of fully qualified VDWS and IKO kitesurfing instructors led by our very own women's wave champion Ninja Bichler.

Kite lessons are available in group, semi private (best value and faster progression) and private options right through to our exclusive Prestige kite service available from the St Regis Resort. For full details see our kitesurfing instruction section.

Adventure and discovery is part of our human nature so why be restricted to one spot when you can join one of our great downwinder or day excursions to discover more of this beautiful coastline at the same time as enjoying your kitesurfing. All are welcome on these great trips regardless if you have your own equipment or are one of our rental guests. See our excursions section for full details and booking.

Surf Lessons & Rental

If surfing (classic wave riding) is more your thing Baba, Daniel, Marvin and Emmanuel have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the surf spots around the local area.

Surf lessons are available for beginners to advanced and usually are done in two hour sessions.

Surf Rental is done on a supervised basis, we do not rent surf boards to people to take away due to the nature of the spot.  This does not mean that if you have a good level  in surfing  that you are not able to surf more challenging spots it just means you can do it in the comfort of a boat ride to the waves and enjoy the company of one of our resident tube riders.

Stand Up Paddling Lessons and Rental

Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing water sport in the world at the  time of writing and offers a chance to everyone with a reasonable swimming level and water confidence to get out on the water and enjoy some time away from the fast pace of modern life.

There are many aspects of Stand Up Paddling and although it is on the face of it not a difficult sport to get out and try on your own there are as with any sport plenty of things that if you learn from day one will help you enjoy the sport more safely and improve faster.

ION CLUB Le Morne embraced Stand Up Paddling around 2006 with some of the first Stand Up boards from Mistral and since then we have seen the sport explode. In the beginning we had two or three boards and now have over 20 available which are in constant demand.

Lesson are usually in a two hour format in a similar structure to the surfing lessons and we are able to teach complete beginners up to advanced wave riding.  Baba, Matrix and Matthew are all competent paddlers and have plenty to share with you.

When conditions allow we offer a range of incredible tours with Stand Up Paddle Boards which you can find out more about in our Events section.

ION CLUB Le Morne A Place to Enjoy Your Passion for Watersport's or Discover a New Way Of Life