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Le Morne Kitesurfing Lessons

Mauritius provides some of the best kitesurfing training areas available anywhere and Le Morne is no exception. We have the perfect area of flat, standing depth water right in front of our VDWS and IKO Affilliate center situated next to the 'Kite Lagoon'.

Our team of fully qualified VDWS and IKO Instructors hold lessons for all levels of kitesurfers from complete beginners to advanced wave coaching and freestyle manoeuvres in English, French, German and Creole.

Generally we run two sessions per day of 2.5 hours but this can be more sessions as the season moves towards the longer days of the summer months.  Most of our guests are happy to do only 1 session per day so they get the most out of each session with fresh energy and time to process what they learn't in the previous session.

As with all of the ION CLUB rental and lesson programs Kitesurfing Lessons can be pre booked with the usual price advantage compared to the local prices. However, if you are not sure if you will like the sport or decide to take a single lesson as an advanced rider to improve a specific skill e.g. tacking a directional surfboard, you can still come to see us at the Club and book over the counter.

Beginner Lesson Structure

N.B. As different students learn certain skills over different amounts of time the below should be taken as a general guide as to what you could expect when enrolling on a beginner course.

2.5 hours learning how to setup and fly the kite and understanding the safety systems involved. This is often done in a classic Group Lesson. Two people share a kite during this session and once the kite is setup and you are ready to go the flying aspect of this session is done in the water.  This is possible at our spot as we have standing water depth almost all of the time.

2.5 hours of Body dragging in the water and learning how to re-launch the Kite. These two and half hours are either still done in a Group Lesson or in a Semi Private lesson. In Semi Private lessons students don't have to share their kite with another student and therefore provide a much quicker learning progress.

2.5 hours of Water starting and riding. These two and half hours need to be done in a Semi Private lesson, since group lessons stop being effective from this level onwards.

2.5 hours of riding in both directions. These two and half hours need to be done in a Semi Private lesson, since group lessons stop being effective from this level onwards.

2 hours of supervised Kite rental. Supervision is a great way of building comfort in your own riding skills and gain more independency. During Supervised rental, your instructor will make sure that you can practice safely at all times.

Please note lesson structure may change based on the number of students and weather conditions. The above is a guide to our product range to help you when making a booking.