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Le Morne Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling or SUP as it is also known, is at the moment of writing the fastest growing watersports in the world. There are many views and opinions about which sport Stand Up Paddling is an extension of from surfing to outrigger canoeing but no matter where its roots its success is due to its accessibility, versatility and the fitness benefits it provides you.

SUP gives you another choice to get out on the water and have some fun be that, on a lake, in a river, on flat water, in waves, just for paddling or maybe for fishing the flexibility is there. Some brands even have a position to attach a sail so you can windsurf on a stand up (also nicknamed Windsupping) especially fun here in Le Morne in lighter winds in Small Reef when no one else can get out there as their equipment is too small.

ION CLUB Mauritius stocks a wide range of boards from Fanatic ranging from 8’6 wave to 10’6 All Round boards. The lagoon in front of the club is the perfect playground for SUP with plenty fun to be had gliding over the clear shallow waters enjoying the underwater view on a windless day. The waves around Le Morne also provide you with the ultimate SUP playground with every kind of wave to get you started or to get your adrenaline pumping. The great thing with Stand Up is that you can make the most of almost any conditions, have fun on the water and keep fit at the same time. Even though SUP is easy to get started we would till suggest taking at least a short intro course to get you going on flat water, not just because we want to sell you a lesson but as with most sports there is more to them than meets the eye and you will benefit greatly from some basic instruction on:

  • Equipment overview, choosing the right boards
  • Safety, helping someone in difficulty, how to help yourself, things to take care of when planning your trip, leashes, basic good manners especially if you venture to a surf break where there are surfers
  • Manoeuvres, how to turn
  • Paddle length and basic paddling technique, important to avoid shoulder and back injury

There is plenty to learn to help you enjoy your time on the water and not come back with injuries and a sore back.

Moving on into waves we would fully recommend you take a lesson before mixing it up out there with other advanced paddlers and surfers, a Stand Up Board is large and in surf you can think of it like a weapon to others if it is flying around in the waves. We take safety very seriously and would always suggest that you take an induction course to waves. SUP is not only about cruising and wave riding there are many other aspects to this great sport such as using the SUP as a platform for your Yoga or Fitness workout, downwind excursions, adventures and more. However you currently enjoy your time on the water Stand Up Paddling will give you another dimension to have fun and spend more time on the water than you could ever imagine. As with all the ION CLUB products you can pre book your Stand Up Paddleboard before you arrive directly with our head office or book locally at the Club.

Stand Up Paddle boards can be used on no wind days by guests who have pre booked windsurfing or kitesurfing rental as part of their pre booked rental voucher. However if you have no experience at all we will ask you to take an induction lesson and may prohibit the use of the SUP boards in the waves until you have had some instruction.