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Le Morne Surfing

Long before the influence of windsurfing and kitesurfing Le Morne and the surrounding area was providing great surf conditions for those who knew about, them which includes some of the members of our team.

Our Club at Le Morne offers a full surf program catering for complete beginners to experts. A full range of surfboards is available from long soft beginner boards to short boards.

Surf lessons are run on days when the wind has left us for a while and usually is run in two hour sessions.

If you have aspirations to ride waves with your windsurfing or kitesurfing gear or do already but do not surf we can highly recommend giving it a go, as learning to read the waves and use the power of the wave without the extra pull from a sail or a kite will transform your wave riding in the other sports.

For advanced surfers we do not offer takeaway rental due to the nature of the spot but we do offer supervised rental. 

Supervised rental means that as part of the rental we will take you to the wave break suitable for your level based on the days conditions by boat and one of the team will surf with you so not only do you get to save your paddling power for the actual session but you get a local buddy to keep you company and make sure you get the most out of your session.

As a general guide to understanding our beginner surf lesson packages, below is a brief outline of a typical step one beginner taster surf program.

  • A short explanation on the beach about surfing and what your goals will be during your first session.
  • Equipment overview, choosing the right board and leash and a safety check.
  • Finding your stance (Orientation of your feet in the riding position)
  • Attaching the leash and safety information about wearing your leash and checking it is in good condition.
  • How to position your body for best balance while laying down for paddling and how to stop and manoeuvre yourself around in the water.
  • A quick rehydration
  • A session on popping up (how to get from laying down to standing) with some practice on the beach.
  • Spot information, the day’s conditions, currents, water depth  and navigating around the wave break
  • Safety signals
  • Rules and Rights of way
  • First water experience, paddle position and paddle training
  • Ride out to the training area and first experiences in the white water waves

As with all ION CLUB products Surf Lessons are available as a pre booked product or bookable directly at the ION CLUB Le Morne.