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Le Morne Windsurfing

Fun, Freedom, Escape, Adventure, Discovery, Friends and Good Times

Windsurfing offers constant challenges and new experiences which will drive you with the desire to find the next incredible spot to feel the experience of gliding carefree over the water a lifetime away from daily stress in exotic places.

Disciplines in windsurfing range from just getting out there and free riding, freestyling jumping, spinning, rotating around on the water, racing, speed and wave riding so the sky is literally the limit and you can show your personality through the aspect of the sport you find most exciting.

Windsurfing in the beginning involved quite large and heavy equipment and lot of messing around to connect it all together but these times have gone.

The latest windsurfing equipment is hi tech, light weight and uses the latest innovations in engineering to make it incredibly easy to use and easy to learn to ride, this coupled with advanced teaching techniques make windsurfing's time to shine right now.

ION CLUB has been involved in windsurfing since the beginning and has the largest knowledgebase and the most experienced team members on the planet amongst its worldwide organisation.

ION CLUB Mauritius is no exception with most of the team involved in windsurfing for more than 10 years.

Mauritius offers the perfect place to not only enjoy a holiday but to enjoy your next windsurfing holiday regardless of your preferred aspect of the sport. 

The varied conditions make Mauritius ideal for you, your partner, children and friends to come and enjoy a great time both on and off the water.

The club has the latest equipment from Fanatic and North Sails for all levels and an experienced team of instructors.

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