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Le Morne Windsurfing Rental

Your Rental Options At ION CLUB Mauritius

You have a couple of different options for booking your windsurfing equipment at the club, read on below for more detailed information on these along with the advantages, best times of year and our tips for times when you really should pre book due to high season availability.

What rental includes for me if I book in advance?

Price Advantage As a pre booked guest you have the advantage of a better price compared to booking at the counter on the day. To take advantage of this great pre booking system you need to book before arrival in Mauritius, if you would like to do that now you can fill out the booking request on this site and a team member will come back to you confirming availability, price and your payment options.

Choice If you book in advance you benefit from having a fixed board, this is a board that you can chose as your primary board and on arrival you can position / setup your foot straps and get it ready to RIP with your personal settings.  This fixed board will be yours for the duration of your stay.

Changing board is also no problem, If when you arrive on the day and the conditions are not suitable for your fixed board you can request a different board from our un-reserved board stock.

Changing fixed board, if you realise when you arrive that your fixed board is not the correct choice and we have available for the period of your stay an alternative that you would prefer to keep as your fixed board option we will be flexible and move your booking in the rental system over to your new choice. 
N.B. Please note that it is not always possible for us to change your fixed board for the duration of your stay especially during very busy months and is more of an exception than the rule but we will do our best to ensure you have the right equipment to enjoy the days conditions.

Choice of Rigs Your rental includes a free choice from our great range of between 80 and 100 sails from North Sails.  All our sails between 3.0 and 6.4 are rigged on North Gold or Platinum RDM (Reduced Diameter Masts) with 6.9 rigged on Platinum SDM Masts and you are free to request a sail change from our team at any time as long as the size you need is available.

Safety Due to the nature of the spot there is a small safety fee which is compulsory and is booked with your rental, this safety fee is a small extra as the spot is very demanding on the rescue facilities which suffer multiple times more wear and tear to a normal flat water spot and we want to be in a position where we have regularly renewed equipment such as the boat and motors in order to provide the best service we can.

Timing Mauritius is blessed with the strongest wind and waves between July and December as the winter anti cyclones move through the Indian Ocean accelerating the trade winds. The Club is very busy during July, August , October and November so we would strongly advise pre booking during this period to avoid disappointment.

What is available locally? If you are lucky enough to already be in Mauritius and would like to go windsurfing you can contact the club +23 (0) 450 4112 to see how the conditions are and if there is availability for you.

Do I get a fixed Board? Fixed boards are only available for pre bookings so unless the club is not too booked out it is unlikely that you would receive a fixed board for the whole duration of your rental period assuming you book a rental for more than a few hours or a full day.

Can I change my Board? Yes you can choose from any non-reserved board available on the day.

Price As a local guest who has not reserved in advance you would need to pay the prices currently in force at the counter which, include the rental of the equipment and the safety fee for the period of rental you are looking to take.

What Happens When I Arrive

Service is very important to us and the team will do all they can to make you feel welcome, integrate you to the ION CLUB and the Spot so you feel at home as quickly as possible.

The Check-in Process

On arrival at the Club you will be asked to present your voucher if you pre booked or, choose the product you are interested in and to fill out a registration form, while you are doing the paperwork the team member checking you in will prepare you on the rental / safety system, finalise any payments and organise for you to have a full spot introduction prior to you going out on the water.

NB. If there are any special requirements or medical conditions we should be aware of please inform the team on check in so they are aware and can take the necessary actions to help you enjoy your stay in the best possible way.

Each day you just need to come to the Club and check with the team what they think about the conditions and what equipment is best suited for the day. At this time they will also inform you if there are any special weather and sea conditions you need to be aware of and any special care that needs to be taken.

The Service team will get your board for you and prepare your sail so all you need to worry about is preparing yourself for a great time on the water.